Our Club Chef invites you to
Germania Club invites the public to be our guest at dinner.  Dinner is served from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.
The cost is $10 unless otherwise specified .  
Our very reasonable cash-bar of fine German beers, wines & liqueurs are also available. 
Please join us for dinner!!!
Wednesday Night Dinners 2015
Alternate entrée available for all dates: Schnitzel 

January 21 ... Rouladen -or- schnitzel

February 18 ... Gulasch + Semmelknödel -or- schnitzel

March 18 ... Fish & chips + coleslaw –or- schnitzel

April 15 ... Half Cornish Hen –or-schnitzel

May 20 ... Aschenbraten (roast pork) –or- schnitzel

July & August = NO DINNERS!

August 16 ... Germania Club Members Picnic

September 16 ... Stuffed Cabbage –or- schnitzel

October 21 ... Wild Game Dinner (German style) –or- schnitzel

November 18 ... Rouladen –or- schnitzel

December 16 ... *Roast Duck + Potato Dumplings –or- schnitzel
**Call to reserve your Duck selection for December’s dinner
by Sunday December 13th!**

All Dinners Include:  sides, salad, bread, coffee and tea
along with a light dessert baked by our own members
Cash Bar


Carry-Outs Available!

For individuals and families, joining the Germania Club is an opportunity to belong to the type of traditional German-American social and cultural organization that was common in our parents or grandparents time.

Organizations such as the Germania Club Downriver have traditionally been a central part of the social fabric for families in Detroit's German-American community.

Many people associate German social life with renown festivals such as Karneval and Oktoberfest and the great celebrations that are part of those events. However, besides being a great way to enjoy the camaraderie and good times, joining the Germania Club also presents an opportunity to introduce the next generation to the solid foundations of the "German work ethic", and commitment to community and family.   Our events year-round are ones that you and your family will remember, and the friends you meet at the Germania Club will be friends indeed.

Membership is by application.  During our current membership drive we have 'open' application, though normally, prospective members must be sponsored by an existing member.
To apply for membership, simply fill out an application and submit it with payment as indicated below.
Under age 65 -- $25 per year with a one-time $10 administrative fee
Age 65 and over -- $20 per year with a one-time $10 administrative fee

Membership benefits include:
Invitation to all Holiday gatherings throughout the year such as:
- Christmas & New Year's Celebrations
- The Bock Beer Festival in March
- Easter festivities and the annual children's Easter Egg Hunt
- Summer Picnics and Festivals
- Our annual German Fest
- Oktoberfest
- Karneval Festivals which span over a 3 month period every year ... and other events such as the Potato Pancake Dinners ... and much more.

A popular  Club event is our weekly Wednesday Dinner which includes live music and a cash bar  ... usually followed by some air-rifle shooting with members of our "Schießengruppe" or Shooting-group.  (Note: This shooting is with high-powered and expensive, modern air rifles. For shooting -- adults, and children over 12 accompanied by an adult only, please.)
Additionally, throughout the year members attend social get-togethers at other German Clubs in the Detroit metropolitan area, and occasionally at the Dakota Inn Rathskellar - one of the few traditional full service German Restaurant/Rathskellar/Biergartens still in operation.

Club Membership also brings you our newsletter; access to our German Heritage Library; the opportunity to contribute to the Club, its organization and operation; and its groups and auxiliaries.
It is friends. It is family.   I don't think you'll find a better membership value anywhere.

For further membership information or to obtain or submit an application you may contact our membership chairman at the club; OR simply join us for our regular Wednesday  Dinner or any event which is open to the public, and an club officer will be happy to provide you with an application.  
We look forward to seeing you!
Karneval Closing Ceremony 2010
Club Photos

Valentine's Day Social
Feldmarschall Gornyez
Leiter der Schuetzengruppe
"In God we trust - all others pay cash"
Emeritierter Getrankevorsitzender Walt Bayko
Serenading the Goat - a Germania Club tradition
Surely you jest!
2015 Calendar

Jan. 21                      Wednesday Night Dinner

Feb. 7                       Karneval (German Mardi Gras)
Feb. 18                     Wednesday Night Dinner

Mar. 18                     Wednesday Night Dinner
Mar. 21                     Bockbierfest (Bock Beer Fest)
Mar. 29                     Easter Egg Hunt

Apr. 15                     Wednesday Night Dinner

May 20                     Wednesday Night Dinner
May 29-30               44th Annual German-American Festival

June 17                    Wednesday Night Dinner

July                           (No Wednesday Dinner this month!)

Aug.                          (No Wednesday Dinner this month!)

August 16                Members Picnic

Sept. 16                    Wednesday Night Dinner
Sept. 26                    Oktoberfest

Oct. 9                        German-American Day
Oct. 21                       Wednesday Night Dinner

Nov. 18                      Wednesday Night Dinner

Dec. 13                      Members Christmas Party
Dec. 16                       Wednesday Night Dinner


September 20 ... Schnitzel with 2 sides - choose from Potato Salad (yes, the                                DELICIOUS German kind!!), Red Cabbage, Green Beans.
                             Salad, bread and Coffee/Tea with dessert included.

~ Additional dates To Be Announced ~